Hindustani Classical Music

Hindustani Classical Music

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Hindustani Classical Music (Voice)

Indian Classical Music truly portrays this phenomenon. Be it the concept if SwarTalChhand or the history of evolution of Bharatiya Sangit, all the elements that combine to form this subject are manifestations of scientific principles. This approach of understanding music not only leads to logical conclusions but also touches human emotions – the Art of Music.

Voice Course is created to support Students & Professionals, who are passionate about music, pursue their Musical Journey.  Regular individual music sessions, bring structure and system to the continuous learning of Music.

With this structured Program in Hindustani Classical Music, one can experience:

  • Intense Voice Culture Training
  • In-Depth Theoretical and Practical Study
  • Scientific & Structured Approach to Creative Expression
  • A Holistic Curriculum that helps hone Performance and Presentation.