Music Workshop ~ Shruti Samvaad

Music Workshop

Shruti Samvaad ™

Music Workshop ~ श्रुति संवाद ™| Shruti Samvaad ™~ A Conversation with Music …

Shruti-Samvaad ™ is a Music Workshop with unique way of combining both, Music as well as its understanding. The broad overview and details of the system are discussed during the Music Workshop session, along with Vocal recitals / demonstrations, so that the audience acquires sufficient knowledge of Hindustani Classical Music.

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Swar Samvaad ™

स्वर संवाद ™| Swar Samvaad ™~ Voice Culture

After two decades of extensive Study, Research & Practice (Riyaaz), this is the area of specialization in Music that Dr. Shruti Jauhari now shares and teaches during her workshops and lecture-demonstrations.

While learning music, it is of vital importance to enhance the quality or culture the ‘raw and untamed’ voice, which is the main ingredient in the singing process.

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